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Chan Ho Kei
Yiwang Xingjing. The Man who Sold the World

Genre: Detective Novel
Pages: 280
Origin: Hong Kong

Xu Youyi wakes up in his car. He doesn't remember why he didn't sleep at home and how he got to that park so far form his district. Smelling his jacket he understands that maybe he is having an awful hung over. He can't remember what happened the night before, and the previous ones.

Everything for him is usual but at the same time oddly unfamiliar. The only thing clear in his mind is the image of two corpses bleeding on the floor: the sensational murder he is investigating. And this is quite strange because his lapse of memory is far greater than he has thought: the murder happened six years before.

The case has already been solved but something in the reconstruction of the events doesn't match. With the help of a young journalist, Xu Yuoyi starts working on a different trail which lead to a suspect ignored by the previous investigation.

The journalist therefore asks for an identikit of the suspect and when she discovers that he is the man who is standing in front of her, everything seems to rush to a tragic ending. Who is really the policeman? Is he Yan Zhicheng or Xu Youyi? Is he the murderer?... As in great detective stories nothing would be completely clear until the last piece is set.