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Han Han
Triple Door

Genre: Fiction
Pages: 500
Origin: China

ABOUT THE STORY: Since childhood, Lin Yuxiang is particularly talented in learning languages and in literature. In spite of his high interests and his self-consciousness, he is nonetheless clumsy and idle. After many school years without any problems thanks to his presumed literary talent, at the age of 15 he faces the admission exams for high school. The forthcoming exams represent his first real trial and his parents pay for him costly private lessons in order to be sure that he succeeds. But he finds all the teachers around him inconsistent, boastful, dogmatic. Four months and many events – even love affairs – go by. At the exams Lin Yuxian succeeds as much as is needed in order to attend the best district-school, but not a more important and renowned metropolitan-school. His parents, thanks to a politician’s recommendation and to 30.000 yuan offered to the dean, have him accepted by a Shanghai school, where he is