Metropoli d'Asia

World rights


Brian Gomez
Devil's Place

Genre: Fiction Mistery
Pages: 350
Origin: Malaysia

ABOUT THE STORY: Ning Somprasong, a prostitute whose nickname is Devil, gave up working the streets of Thailand for the more tolerable hotel rooms of Kuala Lumpur. Terry Fernandez is a struggling musician who's marrying up and trading the life he loves for a world he can't understand but where he finally has the chance to find a true job. When he finds his friends dead in his hotel room on the night of his bachelor party, he naturally thinks the Minister of Education – whose daughter he is supposed to marry - is trying to kill him. And he flees, together with Ning, who has just killed a perverse client who turns up to be a terrorist. And more: Chua Chee Ming has been spouting crazy conspiracy theories to anyone who suffers the misfortune of getting into his cab. He thinks the CIA and the Government are trying to kill him because of his theories on human cloning. Julio Chavez of the CIA hated his posting in Malaysia, until the dead terrorist is found in the hotel room. He thinks the Chinese Communist Party is involved somehow. Suleiman Salleh is back in Malaysia after hiding out in Indonesia for several years. The Most Wanted Man in South-East Asia is on a very important mission but he thinks he's being stalked by a homosexual. Fellatio Lim Boon Fatt is Ning’s pimp, who thinks the name Fellatio means the Greek God of Power and Wish-dom. Along with a jaded ex-bouncer, a sleazy cop and an old man who s looking for his cat, these people find themselves in the middle of The War on Terror, where nothing is what they think it is...