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Cyrus Mistry
Le ceneri di Bombay (The Radiance of Ashes)

ISBN 9788896317020
Pages 416
Euro 16,50

The plot of this book is gripping, one of those that has always formed the basis of great action novels. The personal story of Jingo, however, with love, family relationships and drug addition, is unravelled against a background of political struggle and conflict: inter-religious clashes between fundamentalist Hindus and Muslims and property speculation and corruption. Intense and well controlled, the novel is a vast chronicle of its time, given vigour and movement by historical events and the social problems of Bombay and India in the 1990s, which recently culminated in the terrorist attack on 26th November 2008 which was seen live on TV all over the world. It is also a riveting individual story: the ethical interrogative that drives Jingo – I am a writer, how can I tell the story of my city? – is not confined to the abstract level, but leads him to risk his life in a confrontation at a distance with an old school friend, today at the head of the extreme right-wing nationalist party.

As the protagonist says, it is a story about th e fire that burns in each one of us – and on what remains when the fire has gone out.





Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry, brother of the well known writer Rohinton Mistry, began his literary career as a playwright, screenplay writer, freelance journalist and author of short stories. He has received numerous prizes and recognitions for his plays and screenplays. In 2005, his first novel was a finalist for the Crossword Award, India's most prestigious literary prize.

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