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Zhu Wen
Dollari, la mia passione (I love dollars)

ISBN 9788896317037
Pages 224
Euro 14,50

What do the people who live in a country that is changing think and how do they behave? In these extraordinarily written short stories, there is a protagonist who is as bewildered as he is determined to find his path at a time when all safeguards are vanishing and every form of protection and constriction are dissolving in a context of uncertainty and astonishment. His gaze recalls that of a Buster Keaton, comically plunged into nonsense. Rootless and ineffectual individuals, obsessed by money,  wander aimlessly against the urban backdrop of contemporary China, from hospitals that do not work, factories on the verge of bankruptcy, overcrowded streets and tiny rooms with more tenants than they can hold.

The object of the author’s ruthless satire is the vileness and pettiness of a confused and variegated humanity, continuously in a state of tension for the expectations of the protagonist: the narrator is the same throughout the stories, whom we meet at different times in his life: he  comes across provincial Mafiosi, workers on the verge of a nervous breakdown, employees of private clinics who still follow the Communist rules and he has to find a prostitute for his father when he comes to visit the city… Zhu Wen’s stories humorously and frankly  portray the tragicomic reality of daily life in a society trapped between capitalism and Communism, characterized by feverish individualism and sudden outbursts of violence: and Zhu Wen seems not to know whether to cry or fall about laughing.





Zhu Wen

Zhu Wen used to work as an engineer up to 1994, when on publication of his short story “I love dollars” he was welcomed as one of the most important and discussed figures in contemporary Chinese literature. He is the author of a novel and several short story and poetry collections, and has been published in China's most prestigious literary magazines. He has also directed four films, including Seafood, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Venice Film Festival, and South of the clouds...

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