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Shazia Omar
Like a Diamond in the Sky

Genre: Fiction Mistery
Pages: 200
Origin: Bangladesh

ABOUT THE STORY: At twenty-one, Deen is dismayed by the poverty around him and trapped in negativity. Alienated from family and society, heroin is his drug of choice. Deen and his partner in crime, AJ, ride high on acid and amphetamines, philosophize in the university canteen, party in a politician’s posh pad and contemplate God at a roadside tea stall. AJ has been able to get ahead in life as the henchman of a smuggler in precious stones. Against a background of jet set parties, robberies and trips on LSD, singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Heroin, the two get entangled in the manoeuvres of the corrupt police of Dhaka, who pursue small-fry pushers but protect traffickers. A simple noir with a classic construction: the tormented love for a girl, the boss’s pistol and a haul of diamonds are all the ingredients of a novel of that genre, but the setting is unusual.