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Shazia Omar

Shazia Omar is 29 years old and grew up in Dhaka. She graduated in Psychology in New Hampshire and worked as a financial analyst for Lehman Brothers in New York. Caught up in the tragedy of 9/11, after an incredible escape from the collapse of the skyscraper where her office was, she decided it was time for  a new life. After taking a master’s degree in social psychology in London, she trained in a rehabilitation centre for heroin-addicts in Bombay, using this experience as background material for this novel. She is currently  living in Bangladesh with her family and is responsible for communication with  an agency of the World Bank active in development in  shanty towns. She has published a number of short stories, including Café Sardinia, The Scent of Fried Lentils and Negotiating with Waves. Come un diamante nel cielo (Like a diamond in the sky)  is her first novel.